Accidentally Cleared Files from Clip?

I bought a Clip last week, and it has worked great so far. I turned it on today and got a Refreshing Database message. After this, all of my files were gone. Is this something I may have done accidentally without realizing (although it hasn’t been connected to my computer for several days), or is it a glitch of some kind?

Try doing a reset and see if they magically re-appear.

I tried the reset, but it didn’t help.

Hmm…I checked the Setting and the player has 1929 MB available but only 1076 MB free. I had somewhere between 800-900 MB of material on it, which suggests to me it is still on the player somewhere. Of course, it also very clearly says that there is nothing stored (as in songs, voice recordings, etc.) on the player.

Try switching USB modes.

I tried it in both MTP and MSC and saw no change.

Well, I just reformatted my Clip because it still showed almost half the memory as not free even when connected to my computer. I would still appreciate any additional ideas on the issue, though.

Software can become corrupted–I’d re-apply the latest firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum).  It can’t hurt …

As long as the files are apparently still there, it’s possible that the database file had been corrupted.

In the future, should this issue reoccur, connect in MSC mode, and delete the mtable.sys file in the root directory.  Disconnect, and let the Sansa refresh the database.  By deleting the mtable.sys file, you force the Clip to rewrite the entire file, rather than simply append the data.  If there was a corruption in the file, deletion ensures a fresh database.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: