Audiobooks [Empty]

I have a Sansa Clip 4g and from time to time it loses it link to the audiobook and music files on the device. I load it and listen to the files many times, then at some random time you turn it on and poof they are gone. I know the files are still there because it shows 3.5g in use. In the past I have formatted it and re-uploaded the files but what a pain in the a$$. And when I am not at home it is useless until I return. One of these times it will happen when I am leaving for a week, then it just may be bounced off a wall and get replaced by another brand…

Have you tried a reset, and also reformatting the device?

They aren’t ‘time-sensitve’ or DRM-restricted files, are they? Like maybe ‘borrowed’ from the library or something?

My fix for everything: reformat, but it sounds like you’ve done that.  Are you reinstalling the same old stuff every time after you format?  Maybe there’s a corrupt file in there that you hit sporadically and it is corruptting the database. 

My question to the gurus: when files seem to diasppear for no good reason, is there any way to force a rebuild of the database without access to a computer & deleting the mtable.sys file?  I’ve never gone this route, but shouldn’t that make the files reappear without reloading everything?