Memory still full after reset

Hi - I reset my SansaClip today after it froze.  At the time, it was almost completely full with audiobooks.  Now…it says it is still just as full (so will only let me load on one small book), yet the files all seem to be gone/nothing left to delete.

Any thoughts?  Thanks!

A reset will not erase content. Why do you think they are gone? Is the player’s display not showing any, or do you not see any when connected to your computer?

If you can’t see your files while connected to your computer, try switching the USB mode (in Settings > System Settings). Your computer can only see the files thate were transferred in the mode the player is currently in.

If the player is full and nothing else will work, you also can reformat the player under its System settings–this will free things up on the player. But note: like any format, this erases all of your user content on the player–do not do this lightly, unless you don’t care about the content or have copies elsewhere (such as, on your computer).