index cleaning

I often use my sansa clip+ forrecording , but when I delete the wav. files on the clip with my pc and the file is empty, the sansa clip shows all recording titles in the index althoug the recordings are deleted.

Thanks for any help!

Hmmm.  I wonder if a system reset (hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds or so) would fix this.  

Or, perhaps a database refresh.  You could delete a music file from your Clip and then add it back in to force a refresh, I think.   

A reset delivers no change. How can I do a “database refresh”?

Could help the deleting of all files an then install the firmware from new?

There’s an MTABLE.SYS file that is the actual database file. Connected in MSC mode you could manually delete this file. When you un-plug from the computer, the player will go through its database refresh but this time instead of just updating it, it would build an entirely new database list. Your deleted files should then be gone.

My thought had been that by deleting a file (with or without adding it back), that would force some form of database refresh and this might “catch your system up” with what had been done earlier.