How to fix your database when it's not refreshing properly

I had a problem with my database: I deleted music files, but they still showed up in my database.  Here’s how I fixed it.  Note that all my music is on my microSD card, so this fix may not work for everyone.

1)Turn off your Clip Plus.  Take out the microSD card.

  1. Plug the microSD card into your computer.  You can use a reader.

  2. Among the microSD files will be a folder labelled MUSIC.  Delete this entire folder.  ****Be careful – it may have your audiobooks and podcast files in it.  I’m not sure, because I don’t load these things on my Clip Plus.****

  3. If you are able to see your .trash folder, delete that, too.

  4. Put your microSD card back into your Clip Plus – *while it is off*

  5. Turn on your Clip Plus and wait for the database to refresh.

  6. Finished!