my sansa clip is not working

i was getting songs into my sansa clip and when i unplugged it it came up with this mesage   “not enough space DB plesae free 30MB.” BUT AS SOON as this comes up the player shuts down and it doesn’t show up on my computer anymore. is there anything i can do about it?

I also got a similar failure this evening while loading music into my clip I had just updated to the newest firmware upgrade and thought I have removed all the music on the clip and it claims to have over 790 MB of space the message is the same "Not enough space for Music DB please remove 30 MB of material. The “hard reset” of holding the on sw up for 20 sec does not help.

Connect in MSC mode, and use the chkdsk  utility.

If the Clip connects as E:SANSA CLIP for example, the command is chkdsk e: /f where the “’/f” is a toggle telling the utility to fix the errors.  If it asks you whether to “save the results as files” enter “no”.

Unplug your Clip, let it refresh, and you should be in business.

Remember to go back to your previous mode, either MSC or MTP, afterwards.