music files don't display

I’ve had my Sansa Clip for several years. Suddenly, my music files don’t appear on the screen, although I can see on the computer that they are still in place. I also use a microcard in the slot and those files show up fine. So just the ones on the device itself that are not appearing now. Any ideas?


I am having to same problem.  One particular album (in my case Ed Sheeran - Divide album) is showing on the memory card when I put it in my laptop card reader and view files.  I put card back in the mp3, refresh media and wait.  Then I can’t find the album.   The is the 1st time I’ve had this problem.  I thought it might be the format on the laptop as Windows 10 defaults to the Groove music app all the time which is annoying. I can’t remove it.  I’ve tried changing the properties back to WMP and MP3 and re-putting albums onto card but no joy.

Check the ID3 tags. This is how the player finds & lists the Artist, Album, Song info, NOT by the file names. If the tags are incorrectly filled out or in the wrong format, the player can’t ‘read’ them. Look to see if you have an “Unknown” folder and see if the missing files are in that. That would confirm there’s somethinig amiss in the tags.

Thanks for responding. After about a week the files just magically appeared when I turned on the player, so hard to know what the problem was. And yes, I have everything backed up in case I run into something like this again.

Electronic gremlins at work again! :smileyvery-happy: