Songs won't show - Sansa Clip Sport

Hi guys,

I have a Sansa Clip Sport that I recently purchased to replace my Clip Zip that died.

I updated the ID3 tags using MediaMonkey because a lot of album art wasn’t showing. Now half of my music isn’t even showing.

I have since tried to update everything. Using MP3tag, Media Monkey and iTunes, everything appears to have correct ID3 tags (ID3v2.3 for all apart from the mp4s - which strangely enough, most of them show even thought the specs dont support mp4), but they won’t all show on the Sansa.

Is there something else I should be looking at, I’m starting to think its the Sansa and not the files.

Any help is appreciated!!

Edit: I will also add that many of my tracks are hidden in multiple “Unknown artist” folders in the artist lists, even though they seem to be tagged well too.

What attributes does the device require to display the music?

Here are a few comments. Hopefully a few other Sansa gurus will add some good advice.

  1. Best ID3 tag format is: ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1

      Maybe use MP3tag editor to remove all other formats from your mp3 files (2.1, 2.2, 2.4, Ape) ??

  1. “Unknown Artist” on display indicates Clip Sport is confused by the tag data in your file.

       Maybe delete all excess data fields that Clip Sport does not read ??

  1. I also have trouble displaying mp4 files on my Clip Sport.  My tagging efforts never seem to work for me

  2. If you are using MUSIC MODE, then be aware of the 2000 file limit in the internal storage and 2000 files in SD card.

      FOLDER MODE should display all your files.

  1. Album Art:     


      -> use 192 x 192 pixels

      -> use 96 dpi

      -> when saving, click “Show options dialog”, clear all EXIF checkboxes

Best Wishes !!!


Hi DFELD2005,

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve managed to fix it.

I had ensured that all tags were ID3v2.3, removed tags, and still nothing. Out of curiosity I copied a few suspect "invisible’ files to another SD card, and they worked. Formatted the original SD and started again, and we are in action!

Something must have happened when I originally altered the tags, and it’s left some confusing info on the SD card

The ‘unknown artist’ files were only the mp4s, and continue to be so. I will convert them to mp3s

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Don’t edit tags on the copy stored in the player. Edit the tags on the copy stored in your pc, delete the copy stored in the player, and copy the files to the player. Editing tags of files stored in the player can cause issues.