Music not showing up

Hello Everyone, 

     I am unable to view the music that I have put on my Sansa Clip.  I can drag music over to the mp3 player through windows explorer and it shows the player updating but when I go to play the music, it is no where to be found.  I have formatted it and gone through “updater” but have had no luck.  Can anyone help?  Thank you   

Sansa players organize your tracks by ID3 tags. If information is missing from these tags, tracks will be lumped together under “unknown” instead of the correct title, artist, album, etc. Use a program such as MP3Tag to add the missing info to the tracks on your computer, then retransfer them to the Clip.

I do use that program and ensure that they are already named but it is still not working, any other ideas?  Does anyone know of the preinstalled software that I may have deleted?  Thanks for any help

Problem solved for the most part.  I found that you can’t just drag an album or a song over to the mp3 because without the artist folder, it doesn’t have all of the correct tags attached. 

What? That doesn’t sound right. ID3 tag data is embedded in the files themselves, not the folder. The only reason you should NEED the folder is if the album art is stored as a separate file (“folder.jpg” or “album art.jpg” ), not also embedded in the audio files.

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