Sansa View - Some Folders and Music Not Showing Up

I’m having an issue with my Sansa View, in that, when it’s plugged into my computer and look into the music files, there is music filed that does not show up when I’m scrolling through the music on the player. For instance, when I pull up a music folder when the player is plugged in, it’ll show five songs in the folder. When pulling up the same folder on the player alone, when it’s not plugged in, it only shows one song-in some instances the folder is non-existant on the player. Any thoughts?

The player does not see file or folder names. It creates and reads a database comprised of the ID3 tag info enbedded in a music file. Look for a “Unknown” listing on your player; I’ll bet you find your missing songs there.

There are many discussions on ID3 tags and how to easily and properly edit them.