Hello all.I hope I don't have to post here too often, but...

Hello all.I hope I don’t have to post here too often, but I might :wink:

I am faced with a problem. I was attempting to charge my Sansa Clip by plugging it into my laptop, but instead my music stopped and I got the screen that tells that it’s ready to download songs. I got pretty annoyed. I was in the dark of my car and my music had just stopped. So, instead of ejecting from my laptop before yanking it, I just yanked the sansa clip off the cord. I got the standard error message, and then checked my Sansa clip. It didn’t bring my music back up. :cry:

All it does now is turns on and stays at the welcome screen. Can I get software back from the little disk that came from it? Can I get it online?


-Independent147 (I shortened my name for this site, just too lazy :smileyvery-happy: )

worst scen :: format from pc, load up .bin (l00k around here for it)… drop onto clip from my computer… unplug… i never wait till its safe to unplug–if its idle…if you installed a bestbuy thing–why? unneeded

(Would you please post responses in understandable regular English sentences, explaining yourself? I think everyone would appreciate it, and it would help people in understanding you–the shorthand just seems to get in the way.)

what/where is the prob?

Okay, so howm do I format from my pc? Do I use the disk that came with the Sansa clip (from radioshack, I didn’t get anything extra), or do I just plug it in and start moving files?


plug to pc> rt click device > format fat > drop .bin onto device (root, not any particular folder) > unplug–do that safely remove thing if you want, tho not necessary… format from device itself, look around in settings or something… ready to plug in and load up into music folder…
if its me, i use mass storage class mode


I think first of all, you need to hard reset your device so that it does not hang at Welcome screen anymore

  1. Hard reset (slide the power button up and hold there for 10 seconds)
  2. Restart your laptop or computer
  3. Plug in your device and see if it recognizes, if it does, go to My Computer & see if you can find “Sansa Clip xxx” icon
  4. Right click on the icon and choose format if you want to format it. However, if the hard reset does the trick, then it’s okay.  If you insist on formatting it, be sure to back up your music or formatting will wipe it out permanently.

Okay, here’s my biggest problem- MY DELL THAT RUNS WINDOW XP DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE DEVICE AT ALL. My mac recognizes it but when I click on the folder it says ‘The volume for ‘SANSA M350’ cannot be found.’
I seriously am thinking of taking this back to best buy and asking them about it. Anyway, the disk that came with it was to download Raphsody which made me pretty mad.

Thanks for all your help so far.

on pc, you force it to msc?

Inde147: if your Clip is recognized by an OS (OSX) and not by another one, I doubt changing the device will change the problem. It’s either a user issue (did you read the doc? I’d recommend browsing this forum a bit), a software issue (XP), or a hardware issue (your DELL, see below).

Few hints:

  • see if you can mount your Clip in UMS/MSC mode. If you firmware is >= 1.01.17 this can be set up in the preferences, otherwise you can do it by maintaining the Center button while you plug it (does the lock has to be set? I don’t remember exactly - check the forums, this has been discussed many times).

  • FYI: I didn’t get my Clip to be recognized on my Dell D810 laptop’s USB ports, untill I used an external USB HUB (works w/ self-powered or not USB HUBs), funny.