Plug pulled out

I had my Sansa Clip plugged into my computer to synchronize music to it.  It was inadvertantly pulled out during this process. 

I know it was not suppose to be, damage done.

Is there a way to reboot or fix this mp3 or do I have to purchase a new one?  Unicorn

What was the result? How is it not working properly?

A few things you can try:

  1. Reset the player (hold the power switch in the “On” position for 15-20 seconds), then try turning it on again normally.

  2. If you can get to the menu, reformat it. Settings>Format>Yes

  3. If you can’t  get to the menu, connect the player in Recovery mode. Power switch in “Hold” position, then press and hold the center button while connecting to your PC. Then create a blank text file named “sansa.fmt” and copy it to the 16MB-FORMAT partition in Windows Explorer (a.k.a “My Computer” ) or whatever your operating system’s equivalent is called, then disconnect the Clip. It should reboot and format.

NOTE: Options 2 & 3 will erase all user files from the player, but I assume you can’t currently access them anyway.

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Great, Mp3 is on.  I am now charging via computer, how long must it charge for it to be complete? 

That depends on the current charge level. If it’s very low, it could take a few hours. Also, are you sure it is charging? Is the battery indicator on the Clip’s screen flashing? It should cycle between the current level and full. If it isn’t, try a different USB port (preferably one on the back of the computer). Not all ports provide enough power to charge external devices.

The device said low battery and the symbol showed no power.  I plugged into computer and it is flashing between its curren to full power. 

I suppose it will show the battery fully powered when completed? 

Thanks for all the help.  I was able to format also.

Might need help in synchronizing later.  Oh, I did try to synchronize and it said 1% for a very long time.  I mean like over an hour.  Is this common for one song to take that long to synchronize? 

I read the manual and followed it, but I think I might still be doing something wrong.  I will try the drag and drop.

Do I need to install the instruction CD on the computer for the songs to travel to the Mp3?

The original CD contains Rhapsody and/or Best Buy music store software; it is not needed to operate the Clip (I’ve never touched mine).

The battery icon will show as full when the Clip is fully charged (could take 3-4 hours).