cant find music on my sansa clip

Recently my screen broke on my sansa clip and I have downloaded music onto it. And I just unplugged it and now I can’t find the music. It was on there before I plugged it in. Can anyone help me with getting back to my music???

If when you say your “screen broke”, you actually mean “you can’t see anytihng on it”, I’m not surprised you can’t find you music after unplugging from your computer. Did you really expect to? Without knowing what main menu option is on the screen at the time, there’s no way to blindly navigate to it. :confounded:

If this is not what you meant, maybe if you give some more details we can help you. Otherwise, it sounds like time to buy a new player.

If your screen alone is damaged, the music still should be there–connect the player to your computer, click on the Clip drive on your computer, and look for the music in the folders that open up (and, likely, transfer the music back to your computer). Unfortunately, SanDisk doesn’t repair these little guys–it’s just not cost-effective. But, fortunately for you, the Clips in their various forms are good currently has the black 4GB Clip Zip in rufurbished form for $22.99 shipped (using coupon code MLCKY01JNL1 for the first 100 purchasers)–regularly $32.99 there.—p-91389.aspx

try to use it in USB mode and see the contents on a PC. I bet the songs are still there.

How do you put the Sansa Clip into USB mode?

I also have the problem that of the 3.7GBytes of music on my Sansa, I see less than 5% in the file directory

@hb6969 wrote:

How do you put the Sansa Clip into USB mode?


Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MSC