Trouble with Fuze

My Fuze suddenly froze while I was transferring music to it. I didn’t know there was firmware for the Fuze cus I’ve only used it like 3 times. Regardless, it froze in the middle of drag and drop and then it took me a while to get it back on. However, now when I plug it up to my computer none of the files show up at all, and if I try to add something I get an error saying that the device is busy. Also, the music that I was trying to tranfer shows up on the Fuze but does not play. How can I fix this?

i would appreciate any help because i obviously dont know what im talking about or doing.

Look in Settings/System Settings/USB mode (scroll down, it’s not on the first screen). Set it to MSC and connect the unit.

Look in Computer or My Computer (Vista or XP) for Sansa Fuze. Right-click on it. Click the Tools Tab and go to Error-Checking. Put check marks in both Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. Start and see if it finds and fixes anything.

If it does find anything it will ask if you want to save bad chains. Don’t save them–you don’t need them.

If that doesn’t help the next step is to Format the unit–basically nuking everything you have added. It erases all songs so make sure you have copies. Right-click on the Fuze in Computer, find Format… in the menu and choose FAT32 from the drop-down box. Then Format (not QuickFormat). That empties all files, good and bad, from the unit.

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