Sansa fuze Trouble

my sansa fuze wont turn on and when it does it will play a song for about a second then it will freeze. When it freezes there these two small white square boxs on the screen. I tried reseting and that didn’t work just turned it on but didn’t help the freezing. I don’t what to do

If it’s a certain song, it may be a bad file. Connect it to your computer, delete the song, try again.

If it’s every song, you may have more corrupt files. You could go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and write down which mode it is set to. Then set it to MSC mode, connect, find the Fuze in Computer (or My Computer), right-click on it, Properties, Tools, Error-Checking and see if that fixes it. Then reset USB Mode to whatever you were using before. 

Or if you’d rather just nuke it, the easiest thing to do, as long as you have other copies of the songs, is to Format the unit, which will erase all your music , and reload your music bit by bit. The guess would be that something you added recently messed things up. 

Settings/System Settings/Format. 

that didn’t work and when I turend it on to format it freezes. It couldn’t be the music because it was working like an hour before it started this.

Try reinstalling the firmware manually. The instructions are here.

If that doesn’t help, you can format it from your computer.

To force it to connect, make sure the power is OFF. Slide the switch down to HOLD (orange shows). Hold down << and connect the USB. 

The Fuze shoud show in My Computer (or Computer) as SANSA FUZE (X:) where X is a driveletter. Right-click on it and Format… to FAT32.