Trouble Installing Rockbox

Hi, I have been attempting to install Rockbox on my E260v1 for some time now but I keep getiing an error message which reads: “Download error: trceived HTTP error. Request aborted.” I get this message whenever I tried to install manually or automatically.

I would appreciate your help in resolving this problem. Thanks.

You should go ask on the rbutil subforum over on  On of the people who worked on the installer will know what that means.

Are you sure your player is in MSC mode when trying to install Rockbox? I’m thinking this error message might be displayed if the player were in MTP mode (or Auto Defect).

Thanks for your promt response. Yes, I made sure the USB mode was in MSC as advised in the manual and over the threads I have been reading in this forum. I also tried to disconnect the device so I can attempt to reinstall RB however I keep getting an error message stating that I cannot disconnect at the time as the system is accessing the device and to try disconnecting later. However the Sansa screen won’t change from its “Connected” state even after an extended period. To be safe I disconnected the device upon shutting down the computer.