Can this be fixed?

I was installing rockbox and there was an error when it happened.  Now my e260 will not work.  The computer no longer recognizes it so it will not let me finish the installtion even.  It pulls up the sandisk screen then says

Rockbox boot loader

Sandisk sansa e200

Partition 0: 0x0b 3814 mb

Partition 1: 0x24 80 mb

Loading rockbox

Can’t load rockbox.mi4

File not found

Can’t load rockbox.e200

filenot found

then it shuts off, when I plug it into the USB and try to turn it on is shows this

Rockbox boot loaner

Sandisk sansa e200

Partition 0: 0x0b 3814mb

Partition 1: 0x24 80 mb

Trying firware partition

BL mi4 size ec00

OF mi4 size 596400

CRDC32: 82ffa346

Model id e200

Binary type rbof

Calculated crc32 Ab5af12f

Can’t load from Partition

Bad checksum

Trying /System/of.mi4

File not found

Trying /system/of.bin

Can’t load file /system/of.bin

file not found

and then it shuts off again. And it is not being recognized in my computer at all?  Any ideas, this is a new player for me and my husband was trying to help me with it so I’m not sure exactly what the error was that happened.

 to delete this but it wouldn’t let me anyway, never mind after much hunting I did finally find the answer on this site and fixed my sansa.  Thanks!

What did you do to fix it?

I’m having this same issue, exactly. Please inform on how to fix things? I’ve tried a few different things already to no avail, seems like the original software on the player is corrupted so I can’t even get my computer to recognize it at all. :frowning:

Aha, found the answer! And its to be found here.

 Follow the directions carefully, but if this is your issue, that should fix it :slight_smile: