Trouble Adding Video

First of all, please forgive me for asking this question.  I have read all of the other posts and still can not put video on my new player.  The music loaded without a problem both on the internal memory and the added 4 gb card.  I left enough room to throw on the basic movie or several episodes of The Office or another television show.  I am not going to watch them on the screen, but I can connect this device to any piece of cardio equipment at the gym and watch it on a 17" LCD while I work out. 

Someone please walk me through the process of installing video to the micro card.  I have downloaded the SMC and am running XP sp 2.  I would like to pull the episodes or the movie off of DVDs that I have purchased legally.  The SMC tells me it will accept VOB files but I think that is BS.  When I back up a movie (I never travel with the originals.  I am a nerd that way), I use DVD Shrink or DVD FAB. 

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to reading your suggestions.  Maybe I will be able to help you out in someway in some other issue. 

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday. 


Many people find that they must first convert the video using another converter software program and then run that through the SMC. I refer you to the Sansa Media Converter board for more details as this is where problems of this sort are discussed. You can see what other people have tried, and what has had success and what has failed here.

Secondly, I have to tell you that your idea of using your player as a trasnmitting device only to watch the videos on a larger external screen will not work. You are limited to the 2" screen on your Fuze. Even if it were possible, which it isn’t, the SMC converts the video so that it will play on the small screen, so even attempting to watch it on a larger screen after this conversion would be a jumbled, pixelated mess.

It is getting late and I will check that out tomorrow morning. 

If the device and the wire are available at the gym, why won’t it work?  Has anyone tried this before? 

I am not trying to be a smart @$$, but I am just wondering why the gym would go through all that trouble when it won’t work. 

Thanks for the adivce, I will check out the forum and post back with any more questions.