putting video on a 8g micro SD

Does anyone know if you can view video on a 8g fuze from an 8g micro SD card?

Yes I do.

And yes, you can. :smiley:

I used SMC to convert a video file to the SD card. the file is on the card but when I put it in the fuze it reads empty. Any ideas?

Video file conversion for the Fuze is (for lack of a better term) a can o’ worms. What was the source video format? What, if any other video conversion software did you use prior to SMC (that’s usually needed)? And what format did it end up as?

Tell us some more details; maybe we can help. There’s also a video conversion program that a member here wrote, negating the need for SMC altogther. It’s called Video4Fuze. I haven’t personally tried it, but many have and claim it is a Godsend for those wanting videos, but hating SMC or the hoops one has to jump through to get a video converted that will actually work.

Give us some details about the source video: what format was it to start with?  I have had video files (VOB) from DVDs that will not play on the Fuze.  I have reprocessed these individual chapters to MPEG-2 using AnyVideoConverter, and I have also tested meat-and-potatoes avi successfully.

With the source video open in the Sansa Media Converter, test it first using the preview pane in the lower left, to see if the video plays smoothly.

You have multiple options available to get that video playing on your Fuze, so don’t worry.  The pursuit can be fun.

Bob’s strongest recommendation for video happiness, install CCCP, the Combined Community Codec Pack, which gives the SMC the requisite tools to work.  It even transforms WiMP11 into a capable DVD player in the process!  God bless open-source!!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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