8GB MicroSD Video Transfer

Hey, I have a 8GB silver sansa fuze and a 8gb microsd card for it, but I want to know how to put movies onto the SD card and then to my fuze. Currently, when I copy a video to my card and insert it into my fuze, the video says that the video is the wrong format even though I had that same video on my fuze before I got low on space…If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Try Video4fuze.

Yeah I have it, but i cant get it to work, the mancoder says disabled and then error report pops up. after that, an error on the video4fuze pops up and then i cant do anything on the video4fuze window…help?

Ok so my question is this , I have a 8GB micro SD card and I put some movies on it but when I put it into my Fuze it doesn’t show up. All I can come up with is that the SD card is only good for music. Can I have movies on a SD card and put it into my Fuze and watch movies from it?

A forum faux pas.