Sansa Fuze 8gb MemoryCard

i have got the 8gig memory card it dosent work

8GB cards definitely work.  Maybe it’s not formatted correctly?  Could you post more details?

lol thanks works now

I have a related question.  I have a 4gb microSD card for my 8gb fuze.  Sansa Media converter doesn’t recognize that the card is 4gb.  It only “sees” 2gb.  When I try to convert a video to the card, the program goes through the conversion, writes the video to the card, then reports a successful completion.  However, when I go to play the video in the Fuze, it doesn’t give the “refreshing media” message that it usually has, and it says there are no videos on the card. 

I have used SMC to convert videos to the main memory, just not the card.  Thanks in advance for any ideas that you might have.

Do you have anything else plugged into your computer, such as a USB drive?  The SMC will see the USB drive (or whatever 2GB device) along with your Fuze and not the card.  I have had this happen to me.  Unplug everything from the computer and then plug just the Fuze with card into the computer.

That was it.  I have an SD slot in my laptop and the program was reading the SD card.  I found this to actually be an advantage now that I know what’s going on – I can convert videos to my SD card, and then transfer them to the Fuze whenever I want to.