Video frustration from Baghdad

Okay; I’ve downloaded about four programs to “convert” video for the Fuze and have tried each but still no drag/drop/read capability.  Went to Sansa website and downloaded the “Sansa Updater” program which won’t install for some reason when it gets to “Downloading Latest Sansa Updater” it times out or just fails.  I’ve reviewed hundreds of webpages and still don’t get it, I’m doing something wrong.  I’m sitting in Baghdad Iraq with crappy dial-up internet which I pay $80/mo for and downloading and hunting all this is a serious PIA. 

Anyone who has the knowledge; please educate me.  Obviously 6 years of private college and multiple tours to combat have not prepared me for “Install videos on gizmo” operations…

You should probably look at this thread on this forum and try the program described in it: video4fuze.

SanDisk’s own media convertor is a nightmare at best.

Edit: apparently you found out about this alternative already, and opened a new thread to describe your problem with it.

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If I use a program, such as Any Video Converter or Video4Fuze, do I still need SMC to put it on the Fuze?   

Frustrated2009 wrote:
If I use a program, such as Any Video Converter or Video4Fuze, do I still need SMC to put it on the Fuze?   

If you use Any Video Converter yes. I havent used Video4Fuze myself but it is my understanding that it was made to be an alternative to SMC. I would check the thread here called Video4Fuze to make sure but I would guess no.  

No, you don’t need SMC to put videos on your fuze. (I’m going to assume you are using Windows, hopefully XP AND you have your Fuze set to MSC mode) Open video4fuze, select the video tab, add your video there, select an output location, and click “convert”, you can even make the output location the same place your current “unplayable on fuze” video is residing, because video4 fuze will create a file, with the same file name as the original, except it will have _fuze at the end of it. Plug your fuze into your computer, open up MY Computer, and it will show up as a drive letter (ie: E: SANSA FUZE) open that up and there will be a folder in there called VIDEOS, drag & drop, or copy & paste, your newly created video (hotnaked_fuze.avi) file in there (if you have a microSD card installed in your fuze, when you open up My Computer, it will show up as a seperate “Removeable drive” (ie: F: Removeable drive), if you want to put your media there, drag & drop, or copy & paste it into there. Unplug your fuze,  let it refresh it’s database, and your videos should be on there. I’ve personally converted about 30 videos with video4 fuze, and all worked/played perfect except one and its audio sync was just a little off.