Transferring recordings from old Clip to new Clip

I tried to drag 'n drop all my recordings from my 2gb to my 8gb in my RECORD/VOICE folder and they don’t show up on my 8gb… any ideas why? FYI my 2gb was MTP mode, my 8gb is MSC mode.

Sounds strange. You tried to to get them into the record/voice folder on the 8 gig?  Are you sure there is enough free space on the 8 gig player? Do you have any recordings on the 8 gig? Perhaps some names might be duplicated? On my Clip the recordings are numbered VORC001 VORC002, and so on. The Fuze has a better  naming system for recordings based on the time and date, so there wouldn’t be a duplication of names. I suggest that you copy them to your pc and convert them to 32 kbps mp3 or WMA so they take up less than 1/10 th the space, then you could copy them to the audiobook section of the 8 gig player.

Message Edited by JK98 on 01-02-2009 06:50 PM