Recorded files disappeared after name change

Hello everybody,

I am using my Sansa Clip (8Gb) mainly for recording (lectures, theatre researsals etc.).

While recording, the files are stored in the “Record” folder and are given default names.

Since it is very inconvenient, I connected the Sansa Clip to the computer and changed the file names names through “My Computer” on the Sansa Clip drive itself (simple names, like RH101009). All worked fine, until I disconnected it from the computer - then the files, which names I changed, just disappeared!

They disappeared both from the Sansa Menu, and from that Record folder, - after I reconnected the Sansa Clip to the computer again, I couldn’t find them.

With that, they do exist somewhere, since when clicking on “disk properties” it shows that there is nearly 2Gb of used space, which is more or less the combined size of the missing files. But I don’t see them anywhere, in any folder! Only the files with unchanged Sansa Clip default names are existent.

Naturally, I wouldn’t want to format the clip, since I really need my files back.

Please help me to find them!


Try other folders. It is possible that they were moved to another directory.

Thanks, but I tried them all.

Unfortunately, can’t find anywhere.

I believe a situation similar to this surfaced in the Fuze forum many months ago. If I recall correctly, you had to connect the player to your computer in MTP mode in order to ‘re-name’ the recordings which are named by default with the timestamp of when they are recorded. It wouldn’t work in MSC mode.

I believe if you are going to rename files recorded and stored in the record folder, you will need to move them into the music folder. Try doing a search for the ‘lost’ files. A freeware program ‘agent ransack’ is better than the standard winxp search function.