Sound Recording Problem

The subject line is probably not quite accurate but for me it’s a problem. On my M240, I could record 20 or so short messages corresponding to a contact list, name, phone# etc.

I could then rename these and they would play in the order recorded and I could easily select an entry by the name. I only use MSC mode.

My 8gb clip doesn’t let me rename files. They simply aren’t displayed after renaming. Probably nothing can be done about it but it is a pain and griping is good therapy. Otherwise I really like the clip.

How are you renaming your files?  I’m able to rename files on my Clip without a problem.  Of course the Clip still displays the tag information, so there’s no visual change on the Clip’s song menu.

Yes, you can rename music files with no problem. I’m referring specifically to voice recorded files stored in voice folder. These are .wav. I haven’t tried converting to mp3 or even going one step further and in addition to converting moving them to a suitable folder under music and setting tag info. That would have to work. Actually, it isn’t too much of a problem, just press track forward till I get to file I want. Just curious as to why none of this was a problem on the earlier M240.

When deciding between fuze, clip and possibly creative zen, the latter would permit synching between outlook and the device, a nice feature but I figured voice recorded phone info was ok and i wasn’t interested in photo or video support.

I did this experiment …

  1. Did two voice recordings in MSC mode.

  2. In MTP mode, viewed Voice folder using Windows Explorer: saw both files there.  I didn’t expect that.

  3. Switched to MSC mode, viewed Voice folder using Windows Explorer: saw both files there.

  4. Renamed VORC001.WAV to VORC003.WAV using Windows Explorer.

5) On Clip, VORC001 is no longer visible, as you mentioned.  VORC002 is there as expected.

  1. Switched to MTP mode, viewed Voice folder:  only VORC002.WAV is visible - VORC003.WAV isn’t shown.

So there’s something going on there with the way the files are stored.  ???

Then I repeated the same process but did the renaming while in MTP mode instead of MSC mode.  This time, two files were still visible on the Clip, but both had their original names (VORC003.WAV still showed up as VORC001).  Almost as if there’s some database that didn’t get updated with the new filename.