transferring music to microsd card

thanks to thomas, my 1gb express is now debricked. it recognizes the 4gb sandisk micro sd, but wmp won’t let me transfer files… this is the error i get:

It is not possible to obtain device’s certificate. Please contact the device manufacturer for a firmware update or for other steps to resolve this problem.

i have firmware 01.01.05A and wmp11… help?

 update- called sandisk and they say the express only supports cards up to 2gb. certain songs keep giving me the wmp error when transferring to internal memory though.

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Something you can do(assuming your Running Windows XP or Vista is the following 

(1)  Right-click on My Computer then select Properties.

(2)  In the Hardware tab, click the Device Manager button.

(3)  Find the Sansa Express device.  (It should be in the Portable Devices category)

(4)  Right click on the device then select Update Driver.

(5)  Choose “No…”, “Install from a list…”, and then “Don’t search…”.

(6)  Check the “Show Compatible Hardware” checkbox if it is unchecked.

(7)  Select “USB Mass Storage Device”, click Next, and then click Finish.

Then The Sansa Express Will show Up As Two Drive Letters Under My Computer/Explorer
One will Be the Internal Memory, One Will Be the SDmicro Card, If your Running Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 Server, this is already how it will apear … ****Note, Auduable, and VangoNotes will not work****(if you want audio books, or text books)

yes. this does work, but it’s a pain… looking through tons of folders for random mp3’s… i’d much prefer using wmp…