Sansa Express and Sandisk 2GB card not working

OK,  I have limited computer skills and I have read several posts and am confused.

I had a 1GB sansa express and recently purchased a 2 gb SD card (small one). I put it in the MP3 and put it in the USB port to down load some songs.  The computer recognizes both the internal memory and the card.  I can put songs on he internal memory and I was able to put 1 CD on the card but the computer than said it could not recognize the card.  I shut the MP3 down and restarted it, but the computer only reads the internal memory.

What do I need to do to get this to work?

Thank you for the help.

Did you try to reformat the memory card using the format function in the express? I have had problems with memory cards in the past and this seemed to cure my issues. It is under settings>format> external.

Make sure that you choose “external” if you would like to format the card or you could reformat the internal memory of the player. Doesn’t mean much if you are able to reload it but it can mess you up if you do it at the wrong time.