Question re: Micro SD cards

  I just bought my Sansa Express and am just getting used to it, so forgive me if this is an issue that everyone is familiar with.

    I just bought a SanDisk 2GB Expansion card and added it to my player. I’m just a little unclear on how to use it.

Everything seems to be fine. When plugged into my computer, the external memory is clearly recognized but when I check the “System Info” on the player it still shows the same amount of memory that the player came with. How do you use the additional memory?

   If I load music files into the external memory, will the player find them under “Music”? What about recordings or saved Radio programs? Do I need to create separate folders in the external memory like those in the onboard memory?

   Just a little unclear on the concept.


Oh by the way, I installed the latest version of the firmware: 01.01.12A2 so that shouldn’t be a problem

Load Windows Media Player 11.  It will automatically load the drivers you will need to recognize the 2 gig SD chip.

 There’s no problem in recognizing the chip. It’s listed on the computer when the unit is attached as the external drive.

It is listed as the External Drive in the Settings submenu on the Player.
   I just want to understand how it works : If I load Music files into the extra drive, will those songs be included in the Music database? What about Recordings and recorded Radio programs? Do I have to create a Music and Record folder there as well? If the Internal Memory is full and I try to add more data, whether it’s a voice recording, music or a recorded program will it simply use the available space in the Expansion card?


     Here’s what I did: Go to the Settings menu and scroll down to “Format”. It should ask you if you want to format either the internal or external memory. Choose which one you wish to format (you’re going to lose anything that’s on the card or in the memory, but you can always reload it). After that, when you connect it to your computer, Windows Media Player should recognize the player as “Sansa Express- Internal Memory” and “Sansa Express- Expansion Card”. You do not need to manually create folders for your music. When you load music, the Express will combine whatever you have loaded on it (except the recodrings) into one collection.

     You can choose where to put your music, either on the card or with the SE internal memory. The latest firmware update is able to handle microSDHC cards up to 4GB. Currently I’ve got 825 songs on the card and 2 voice recordings in the internal memory. Be aware that there is a 1000 song limit that limits how many songs you can put on it. Hope this helps…