4Gb Dance

So, I plugged my Express into a charger (usually I have to use the computer) and it eventually fell asleep.  When it work up it wouldn’t get past “Do Not Remove SD” so I knew I was hosed.

When plugged into the computer the Express showed the directories, but I couldn’t copy them off.

I pulled the 4 Gb Sandisk Micro SDHC card, put it in a reader, and ChkDsk just saw a mess.  Back in the Express plugged into the computer it looked fine, but standalone, choked stil.

I formatted the card and put it in the connected Express.  Looked OK, so I created a Music subdirectory and copied files.

Standalone, they were gone.

This time I tried to follow a procedure.

  1. Format SD in Windows.

  2. Place SD in Express and plug into computer.

  3. Format SD on Express

  4. Remove and reseat Express in computer

  5. Look to see if Express has created MUSIC subdirectory.

  6. Copy some files into there

  7. Remove Express and see if the music is seen.  If not, repeat.   If seen, plug in and copy all your files.

This is what seems to work for me after many trials.  You need a clean card, yes, hence the Windows format, but you also need the card to be “blessed” by the Express.  Until the Express has written it’s own structure, don’t bother trying to add files.

I bought a 1GB refurbished Express for $11 at Buy.com, and a Kingston 4 GB card.  When they are both here I will try it again from scratch.

OK, so the new (refurb) 1Gb Express and the 4Gb Kingston card arrived and I followed the procedure above.

When I just tried to put the card in the Express while it was connected it wasn’t seen.  But with a Windows format, then a format in the Express, and a few removals between, I can see the card, copy to it, and play the songs when the Express is standalone.

Oddly, this new Express didn’t automatically create Music and Playlist folders on the external card.  But I created it and it worked.

Only proved if you hit your head against the wall enough, you can figure out how to get even a Sansa Express to do what you want.