transferring music from yahoo music jukebox

Hey, I’m having issues with transferring music to my Sansa Connect. I’ll add or drag music to the playlist and then I drag it to the Sansa Connect icon. The bottom of the window shows ‘adding’ and then the name of the music file. Afterwards, it shows ‘transferring file’ and its supposed to transfer, however, it shows ‘transferring file’ but nothing happens. I’ve tried doing this several times, and twice a pop up comes up saying that there was an error and to try relicensing the file, but it doesn’t work.

Does anyone have any ideas what I should do? I barely got this device on Christmas, and that night when I was transferring music and the next morning, everything transferred fine. This problem started last night.

You can try one of three things.

  1. just try doing a system reset.
  2. Or Leave the internet radio on for about 15-30 mins. The connect will automatcially update the firmware.
  3. Try the sansa recovery tool. 

What firmware version do you have?

Check in Settings>Info>Software Version

The latest is ZAP: