Help! I cannot transfer files from iTunes to Sansa.

Hi Everyone,

Despite my careful following of directions here online as well as the quickstart guide that came with my player I cannot seem to transfer music from my iTunes library. These are in MP3 format and I tried both the click and drag method and the copy and paste method and neither of these works. I got as far as creating new folders for seperate playlists in the Sansa, but when I try to move either a single song over or if I click “select all” and try to drag the entire playlist from iTunes to the folder I created for the Sansa I just get a circle with a line through it as soon as the list (or song) carries over into the folder. Am I missing something. Thanks for any help.



Oh I forgot to add that I’m using a PC.

You are probably connected in MTP mode. You will first need to connect in MSC mode then drag and drop should work.

Changing Sansa to MSC mode

Thanks for the reply, I’ll give it a try.

Don’t copy and paste using itunes, copy and paste using Windows Explorer(right click on start, click on explore).

Before doing this, set the USB mode on the player to MSC.