Music files won't transfer to Sansa Fuze

I just got a 4GB Sansa Fuze and I tried to put my music it on it last night and I can’t get it to work.  I am using WMP to copy my files to the player.  I select the files I want to copy and select sync and it says it is copying the files.  After it is done, the files are listed under items found on the device and the available space decreases.  However, after I unplug it,  it takes about 15 seconds to refresh and when I try to find my music it says it’s empty (under artist, album, etc. there’s nothing listed).  If I plug it back in, it still says that the songs are on it and the memory is still reduced.  I’ve tried formatting it through WMP and that didn’t work.  Does anyone know what’s wrong?  Please help…I’m not very tech savy and I’m getting frustrated.  Thanks!


Try formatting the device using its settings>system settings>Format command.

Its possible you are trying to use wmapro format thats not supported. They need to be wma, ogg, flac or mp3 format

I tried formatting it through the player and the songs still don’t show up.  I’m pretty sure they are regular wma files…they are the same files that I put on my Sansa m240 without any problems.

If you select Play all on the device what happens?

Also, please try to “Drag and Drop” a file into the devices Music folder using windows explorer.

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When I chose play all it says no song.  When I connect it to my computer it doesn’t show up under my computer so I don’t have the option of draging and droping items into its folders.  If I go to my control panel though and look up attached hardware it is listed as being connected and working. 

If you formated then I think it should have deleted all the music if on there because it would go back to factory settings.   Make sure you check in every folder because after I download music sometimes it puts things in different spots like sending the album art to the photo section and once it seperated two songs from one cd and showed up in the menu as two seperate albums and also one time it totally renamed one of my albums to the name of one of the members in the band??

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If you formated then I think it should have deleted all the music if on there because it would go back to factory settings.  As for the computer not seeing the device what about the Sansa Media Converter?  Have you downloaded it yet because if you have it will show connected there and you can go find the music and import it that way since I don’t think it would convert it to something that wouldn’t work.

just for the record. sansa media converter does not covert or tranfer music files. SMC is used for video and pics only

ok,  thanks for the heads up and sorry for giving out false info.