Transferring files from iPhone to WMD - Files were not copied.

Hi - I just purchased a SanDisk WMD for an upcoming trip.  I seem to be having problems copying files wirelessly from the ios app to the WMD.  Here is what happens: I go into pictures or video, click select all, and then click “save to media drive.”  The app says “Preparing Data, please wait.” and then it begins uploading.  After about 30 seconds to 2 minutes I get an error that says “Files were not copied.”  At best I can maybe transfer 2-3 1 minute videos and maybe 20 pictures before erroring.

I’ve tried forcing the app closed, etc.  I am running 2.93 of the firmware and ios 7.1.1.

Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance for your help.

try transferring files is smaller chunks. The issue may be related to a specific picture or video. 

Thanks for the response.  Even if I do smaller chunks, like 5 files, it might error out on the second file.  Originally I was only trying to transfer 35 pictures and it couldn’t make it through that.  And it doesn’t hang on a specific file.  I’ve tried copying the same chunk of files over and over again and it errors at random points in the transfer.

Any other thoughts? 

I did upgrade my iOS to the latest version today to see if that had any impact, but it didn’t.

try formatting the WMD to ensure there are no file system issues on the WMD that may be causing the issue. if not probably should contact sandisk support for warranty replacement. 

It’s a software fault of the iPhone app.

I had make some tests with the last version of the app and firmware.

Transfer 20 videos from a Apple device to the Sandisk media drive 64GB:

iPhone 4s: Abort after 3-4 videos with a error message.

iPhone 5s: Abort after 3-4 videos with a error message.

iPad 3: ok

iPad Air: ok

Please correct it Sandisk !!!

how much free space do you have on the iphones? the WMD app first adds the files you are transferring to the clipboard on the iOS device. if you do not have enough free storage it will can cause errors. Just curious if you may be running into something similar. 

18GB and 4GB free space!

The videos have max. 0.5GB.

And the error is not everytime on the same video. Some time at video 3, sometime at video 4.

It’s a software fault !!!

No software guy from Sandisk here?
A short “we test and fix it” would be nice.

I have returned my WMD and now very happy with a Ravpower Filehub wireless 5in1.

Looks not so elegant as the WMD but works !!!