Video playback on iPhone 6+ UNACCEPTABLE

Yesterday, I purchased your SanDisk Wireless Media Drive 64GB and after fully charging the device I made numerous attemps to play videos that were taken with my iPhone 6+ and I am very sad to say that playback is UNACCEPTABLE and Painful to watch!  Any video I’ve tried, they play for 1 second, then stop, then continue for 2 seconds, then stop, then play for 1 second, then stop, then 3 seconds, etc. etc… 

I thought perhaps that a Firmware upgrade was needed, so I did that and there is no change whatsoever in playback. I then tried to play videos from an inserted SD 64 GB Card (High Speed 90 MB/s transfer rate) and that too wouldn’t play properly.

How can you advertise that this media drive can Stream Five HD Movies Simultaneously   when it can’t even play ONE short video from beginning to end without start - stop - start - stop…???

If the reason for this happening is caused by videos having a bitrate higher than 10 MB/s, then the drive is of no use to me (and I’m sure that goes for most people). I’m not going to go through the arduous task to convert every movie I take with my iPhone just so that it plays on the WMD… 

Look forward to hearing from you.

Well, you guessed it.  The reason for your trouble is caused by videos having a bitrate higher than 10 Mbps.  “HD” movies can vary greatly in bitrate; from less than 2Mbps (which means the WMD can play 5 at a time) to 30 Mbps or more like your iPhone video (meaning the WMD can’t play it smoothly).  Of course, any wifi is going to choke on videos from a iPhone, so it’s not just a WMD problem, but rather a problem with unreal expectations.

So, bottom line, if this is what you bought the WMD for, return it while you can.

BTW, SanDisk doesn’t comb these forums to reply to individual complaint reports.