Problems re transferring Movies and TV Shows Purchased Through iTunes. Help requested!!

Hello All:

I purchased the SanDisk wireless media drive and followed all installation instructions.

Here’s my problem:  When I try to tranfer movies or TV shows that I purchased on iTunes, the transfer looks like it’s taking place and it actually shows up on the media drive.  However, the transfers have zero content:  They show content as 0:00, and nothing will play.

So, while the transfer bar indicates that, for example, 1.1 GB is transferred, when I access the media drive, a film logo appears but, once again, there is nothing there:  0:00, and nothing plays.

Can anyone suggest a solution?  I like the drive and would like to keep it, but unless this problem can be solved, I will have to return it as storage of movies and TV content is the reason I purchased the drive.


are you using iOS 8? if so when you play DRM protected content from iTunes in the WMD video actually open in Safari to decrypt the DRM. Playing DRM files in safari is broken in iOS 8 so safari will need to be updated to fix the DRM issue before you will be able to play these types of files