WMD won't transfer photos or music from my iPad and crash the app


I just bought a new WMD and I am running ISS 9.0.1. I past all the user guide to familiarize. On feature is that I can load content from the iPad to the WMD to free up some data. Thats why I bougth the WMD.

When I select a photo, just after selecting it, the application close. I reoppen the app, try to do the samething, and it’s chrashing again. Samething when selecting all photos.

What can i do? Reinstal the app? If I do so (reinstalling the app) do I lose all my settings even my password?


what is the media drive app and FW verion? I just tested with my WMD and iOS 9.0.1 and I am not seeing this issue. Latest FW for the WMD is 3.04 and can be found at the following link http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13323 

I use IOS 9.0.1 and the information for the Wireless Media Drive app is version 3.1.3 on my iPhone and 3.1.0 on my iPad. 

  The version indicate in the settings of the SMD app is 3.04. I upgrade it when i used it for the first time. Selecting the photos still chrashing the app.

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