I just saw a couple recent posts that looked like people might trust the iPad app to properly transfer photos from the WMD (SD card or internal) to their iPad.  IT WILL NOT!  Your photos will be GREATLY reduced in resolution; as low as 0.7 megapixel.  Do not trust this for any photos you care about.  And the latest software update (v2.9.8, 5/18/2014) did NOT fix it.

This crippling bug was reported and acknowledged by SanDisk nearly two months ago.

TJ61 is correct. My 18 MP photos end up as 2.8 MP photos when transfered to my iPad via the Sandisk app.

This is really bad!

It looks like this may be related to the iOS API and not specific to the Media Drive App.


Did you notice the date of the post in the link you provided?  It’s from 2008.  So that would have been iOS 2.0?  I think a lot has changed since then.  So, no, it has nothing to do with this bug.  The WMD software works properly for the iPhone, but not the iPad, as I’ve pointed out before.

I encourage you to try this for yourself.  Just now, I popped in an SD card from my Sony camera.  On my iPhone, I connected to the WMD, selected a photo, and successfully downloaded all 24 megapixels of it.  When I connect with my iPad mini (1st gen with 1024x768 screen), and try to download the same photo, I only get a 1024 x 683 pixel version.  That’s 3% of the original resolution!

Imagine how upset the customers are who (like me) bought this device to safekeep their vacation photos, and (unlike me) just trusted the device to do what it said.

Please try this test for yourself, see how easily reproducible it is, and then please ask the development team to hurry up with the bug fix.

The point I was trying to make by linking that post is that the iOS API for iPad and iPAd Mini may be optimizing the picture for the screen in the iOS device. I am not a app developer but I know iOS optimizes other things for viewing on their screen in their API so this may be related. This may not be a bug necessarily but part of the iOS API that is optimizing the picture for the screen of the iOS device. The API for iPhone is not the same as the API for iPad so the same optimization may not occur on both devices. That said SanDisk would be the only ones that could confirm if this is the Media drive App or the iOS API optimizing the picture for viewing on the iOS screen but my guess is that it is the latter.

There is definitely an optimization for the screen taking place when the preview image is transferred from the WMD, like when you’re just viewing your photos at full screen size.  In the case of the 1st gen mini, this is 1024x768 (0.7mp), whereas a full size iPad is 4x that (2.8mp).  This is obviously being done to allow quick previewing of images.  It is immaterial whether this preview transfer is by way of iOS API or if it’s coded in the SanDisk app.

The problem comes in when you SAVE the image to your device.  When it’s done properly, like in the iPhone app, the full image is retrieved from the WMD, even my 24mp images.  We’re talking 6000x4000.  That’s not optimized for ANY iOS screen – that’s the full image as it is on disk.  But, with the iPad app, the saved image is only 1024x768 – suspiciously the same size as the preview, making me think the preview image is being saved instead.  That last part is just speculation, and I don’t really care.  I just want this fixed, fast.

I cannot confirm that this problem still exists (at least with the iPad Mini 2). See my post in the thread “EXIF data?”.

This issue was fixed in the v2.93 firmware update around 26June2014.  I mentioned it in another thread, but it’s probably good to have it noted here too.