Two bugs in the WMD app for iPad

When I am travelling, I do not want to carry a laptop computer with me, but just my iPad Mini 2. If it’s a journey of just a few days, I can backup my photos on the iPad, but unfortunately it does not have enough storage for the photos of a longer trip (on the average I shoot 8 GB of RAW photos per day). So I was looking for a solution how I can export the photos from the iPad again on some external storage medium. The WMD seems to be excatly what I was looking for.

While testing the WMD during the last few days, I discovered two bugs in the WMD app for iPad.

  1. When you import photos from the camera SD card on the iPad with the Apple SD card reader, the photos are stored in “Imported photos and videos” in albums named with the date when the photos were taken. When you carry out the import more than once (for example, because you had to change the SD card in the camera during the day, or because you are using more than one camera), than you get more than one album named with the same date.

For example, on my iPad I got three albums named “07.08.2014” (German iOS version). The first album contains three JPEGs, the second album 112 RAW photos and the third album 58 RAW photos. When I look at my albums in the WMD app, all three albums are shown (with a thumbnail of the first photo within the respective album). So all seems to be correct. However, when I open the first or second album, for a short time (less than a second) I see thumbnails of the photos in it, then the thumbnails are replaced by those of the third album. When I return to the overview page showing all albums, the thumbnail also has changed, showing now the first photo of the third album. In all three albums I can only select the 58 photos of the third album in order to copy them on an SD card with the WMD.

There are workarounds for this bug (I can import one SD card on the iPad, than backup the photos with the WMD, before I import the next SD card; or I can open the “All imported” album, but there I have to tap on every single photo in order to select them for copying), so I hope that it will be fixed soon.

  1. During my tests it happened (not every time but three times till now), that some photos are not copied on the SD card (after copying, the message says something like “All 203/204 photos have been copied”). The missing photo is not a corrupt file.