Still having intermittent photo transfer problems

Needless to say, this does NOT give me “warm fuzzies” about trusting my photos to this device.

I just transferred what should have been a 12 megapixel photo from the WMD to my iPad to do some photoshopping.  Only after finishing my work did I discover that what was originally transferred from the WMD was only a 1024x768 pixel version of the picture.  This “downsizing” also happened to a number of photos transferred from iPad to SD card.

Earlier, I had transferred a number of photos from my iPad to an SD card in the WMD, only to find out that all the photos were corrupt when trying to read them on my computer.  A second transfer worked.

I’ve posted here before about this corruption happening with videos.

I’m still rooting for you folks, as this device is still much more good than bad.  Hopefully you can get the bugs worked out.  I’ll be more than happy to provide more detail if necessary.