Reproducible photo transfer bug found

After some more testing, ALL photo transfers from iPad to WMD or its SD card are downsized to a maximum of 1024 x 768.

I have been able to transfer full-size photos TO the iPad, though I’ve had some get downsized, but I CANNOT get full size photos from my iPad to WMD.

I have deleted and reinstalled the SanDisk app, and still get this behavior.

I did some more testing:

  1.  I have successfully transferred a full size photo from my iPhone to the WMD with no downsizing.  But, upon transferring that photo to iPad (and confirming it’s still full size), then transferring back to WMD resulted in a downsized photo.

  2.  MANY attempts to transfer photos from my iPad, and ALL are either downsized or corrupt transfers.  Retransferring photos that were corrupted the first time can result in successful (though still downsized) transfers.


I downloaded the iPhone version of the SanDisk app to my iPad, and with that I can transfer full size photos between iPad and WMD in either direction.  So, the bug appears to be isolated to the iPad version of the software.

FYI - I got a reply to the report I submitted to SanDisk Support about this. It’s a known issue, and they’re working on a fix.