Transfer Issues from Y! Jukebox onto Connect device

I just bought my Connect - It’s the second one I’ve had (lost the first one) and I loved the first one.  However now I can’t get My music (Y! Music) onto the device.  When I drag tracks onto the device icon, the message at the bottom of the device reads ‘Transferring 1 of 1 to Device’, but nothing happens.  Its stays there and freezes.  I’ve updated my firmware - I’ve updated the WMP HotFix - I’ve hard reset the device - I’m at a loss…  Both the Y! Jukebox and the device are correctly on their own - I can get downloaded music from the device into Y!Jukebox - but I can’t get it from the Y!Jukebox on to the device. 

Anyone have an idea?

I can’t even transfer new songs or workouts to mine at this point. Pretty much stuck w/ what I have on it, unless I do wi-fi, but I can’t get workouts that way.

So frustrated w/ this product.

Did you call Sandisk?

Which version of Windows Media Player do you have?  If you happen to have Version 10, try applying KB902344.

Also, which hotfix exactly have you applied previously?  Microsoft has released tens of thousands of different hotfixes for their various products; saying you applied a hotfix is like saying you just had a mechanic work on your car.

I am having the same problem. I got my Connect this past weekend and had some problems with the YMU vs YMUtoGo but got that sorted out. I can easily D/l songs straight onto the device, as well as put them from the device onto Yahoo! Music Jukebox, but when it comes to putting music on the device from Yahoo! Music Jukebox it just sits at Synchronizing media to device (1 of 50)… I really need some help with this if anyone knows what to do? I haven’t done anything with it(I keep reading about firmware and all of that but I know nothing about what that is) and don’t know if I should contact sandisk or Yahoo regarding the issue…

O.o So I got mine to work, I reset and put it through the 15 second power off thing, then before putting anything on it brought up Yahoo jukebox and connected it and now the music in Yahoo! Music Jukebox is transfering fairly rapidly to the device… Hopefully it stays like that… :\