Transcend 4 GB uSD card works like a champ

Someone was asking awhile back about Transcend uSD cards in the Fuze.  I bought a 4 giger from NewEgg and it fiiiiiiiiiiinally arrived (won’t ever again order anything from UPS in winter.  The company shuts down…anyway).  I immediately dragged and dropped a bunch of Christmas albums onto the card,  plugged it into my player and it worked seamlessly.

I’m sure Sandisk would prefer to sell their own media.  But it is certainly a tribute to them that their devices are so compatible with other manufacturers’ media. 

BTW:  I also have a Kingston 2GB uSD that works great.

Regardless of brand name on the card, they probably all have a SanDisk memory chip in them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then you have to wonder why people sometimes have compatibility problems with them.