Which Micro SD Cards Other than San Disk?

Hi, I was just wondering if there were any other brands that work for the Sansa Fuze, I do know that the San Disk Micro SDHC cards work, but I was wondering f other people have had and success with other kinds, becuase I’m thinking about buying one for my black 4GB Fuze, I will also be using mine for music AND video, the only one I heard that didnt work for videos was kingston SD cards. My other choice was PNY 4gb class 4 micro SDHC card…http://shop.bjs.com/PNY-4GB-Class-4-microSDHC-Card-Front-Page_stcVVproductId53658838VVcatId428349VVviewprod.htm just wnat to make sure it works for videosd music.


Old Greg.

Well this is a SanDisk board. But, you can use any card. Just Avoid Kingston For sure. People have also had issues with PNY. The kingstons and PNY have trouble with video

Why mess with success? To save a few pennies?

Some things are worth spending a bit more on. I think the SanDisk memory cards qualify. And if you shop around a bit, you can probably get them just as in-expensively as the other brands.

And they work. Period. End of statement.

While picking up supplies, I always check out the SanDisk goodies at the local Office Depot.  Lo and behold, I snag a couple spare cards whenever I spy a deal.

I need to get a new camera to go with these cool Extreme cards.  Had to buy some.  They say Extreme!  Couldn’t pass up that!

I found some Griffin accessories too.  If you look, you can get genuine SanDisk at a great price.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

the only MicroSD cards iv’e had issues with so far are KINGSTON

they did RMA them for me -

but i have Transcend, PQI, Sandisk, A-DATA and Ridata and no issues with any on the Fuze.