Micro SDHC Cards

I have a Fuze 4G and want to get an 8G SDHC card to expand capacity. Does it matter what brand or speed? I’ve seen Kingston SDHC class 4, Sandisk Class 2 and class 4, and Transcend class 6? What matters? 

Thanks -kevin 

I don’t think that they neccerily matter but jsut to make sure I would most likely recommend the Sandkisk once since it’s from their company. I believe they also make 4gb cards aswell as 2gb ones.

Some people have had issues with trying to use videos on Kingston cards, otherwise get the best deal you can if all you’re concerned with is music. The 8GB cards are really inexpensive right now, since the 16GB card came out a couple of months ago.

If you are intending to load videos onto the card, do a search here on Kingston. I think there are 2 rather lengthy threads about the compatibility issues.

Kingston 8 microSDHC and SansaFuze do not make a good combination if video is in the picture.

I have a 4 GB Fuze and a 4GB Sandisk SDHC card.