Video play stalls when play from Sd Card of Sansa Fuze

I bought my Fuze about 3 weeks ago. This beast works great and looks great. Video and sounds plays flawlessly when the source is from the internal memory, but when i play video from the 4gb sd card, it stalls for one second every minute or so. I know i’m using the correct softwares to convert and transfer the video to the sd card. Is anyone experiencing this with the sansa fuze.

This is kind of old, but we found a problem on the Fuze board.

What kind of card are you using?  We found the Kingston memory cards do not work with video for the fuze.  SanDisk brand cards work the best and I decided to stick with those from now on.

Try the same video on both internal and the card and see what happens.  If it’s the same video and there’s problems on the card (not the problem mentioned above) then it’s not the video itself and is something else.

Is it only one video?

I used a Kingston 4 GB external card and it freezes. Tech support told me to use the internal memory for video and photos and external memory for mp3’s.

That’s a possible idea. 

However, you CAN use a card.  Kingston just is not compatable with Fuze.  I use cards for all my movies and they work fine if I use SanDisk.  There were a few others that worked, but I just decided to stay with SanDisk cards.

Do you have a list of Vendor Cards that are compatible other than Sandisk?

Thank you


Even if others are a little bit less expensive (not much) these are some I got (mostly from stores that didn’t have Sandisk): 

I have a 2gb Lexar that worked for video.

I have another one I got at walmart that works pretty good.  I can’t remember what it’s called (not with me at the moment).