Videos on external 4GB Sandisk MicroSD Card slow playback. HELP!!


I have roughly 50 videos on my microSD card, most of which play very slowly, but a few play without problems. I have put this problem down to bitrate values (i.e. high bitrates are slower than lower b.r.).

Because the video converter I use (Video4Fuze) doesn’t seem to convert the b.r. down to 256kbps, and instead sticks with the native video b.r., there is no way of overcoming this problem without installing further stuff on my PC. 

If I were to put these videos on the internal (4GB) memory, the videos seem to run fine, whatever the b.r. 

I also have the internal memory full of songs and a movie, and I listen to music more than I watch videos, so swapping the data around isn’t going to solve much, as I experimented (the music took some time to load, which was annoying).

Is there any way, a software update or a mod or something that can fix the problem?

I am running firmware V2.0.1.17F on a Sana Fuze 4GB

What brand of card is it?  I remember the Kingston 4gb was having problems with video.  But it was just that one brand (I had one other, can’t remember now which one it was). 

Have you tried this on another card? 

Could you reformat the card and see how that works?

Is it longer videos or shorter videos?