Titels do not play in Order


I just got a Sansa clipmp3player with 2 GB for christmas.

Unfortunatly it does not list and play Titels in Order which is extrem inconvenient with Audio books and Audio trainingprogramms I mainly need it for.

I looked through the manual and went into the submenue. I found that random was off not on. I clicked random on just to see what it does but it doesnot show on top of the display than I went back into the submenue but random and repeat was not shown anywhere anymore nevermind what I tried submenue shows only back to podcast, speed and delet podcast ???

Any suggestions ??otherwise I just have to return the clip!!!

because it also sometimes works with the skip mode button and sometimes not !!!

 not properly working  strange little thing this one is !!!

Thank you


The Clip sorts by ID3 tags, not filenames. Files are grouped together that have the same album tag. Within an album they are in alphabetic order by title tag(unless there are track numbers to give them a different order) in the music and audiobook folders, but in reverse order(and the track numbers are ignored) in the podcast folder. I use the free program mp3Tag to edit the tags. Open mp3 tag, choose a folder of files, have the program sort them the way you want, then select all, give them all the same album name to be together on the player, choose convert filename-tag if you want the title tag to be the filename(minus the extension), then you could have the program autonumber them with track numbers, then choose save tag to save the tags. Now you can transfer them to the player.


Yep you just need to write the track# IDtags so your mp3’s play in order. I’d advise getting mp3tag as well.

JK98: how do you get mp3tag to auto track# for you? I just had to manually re-enter the track no.s cos they were written wrong.

In mp3 tag, just click one of the headings to sort by that. Click it again to sort it reverse. Select all then just choose autonumber. It is one of the functions.

Hey JK,

just wanted to thank you for your support

took a while till I figured it out but thanks to your instructions I finaly did :slight_smile:

have a wonderful weekend