the player simply stopped working

I bought a Sansa Clip 2gb recently and for a few weeks it was working perfectly. Then, one day, I simply couldn’t turn it on.

I did not get it wet, put weird files on it or anything like that. I tried to turn it on, like any other day, and nothing happened.

I thought the battery was depleted, so  I plugged it into the usb and the computer (I have Vista home premium) gave me a window “You need to format the disk in drive H: before you can use it”

I clicked cancel, went to My Computer to open it, and couldn’t (got the message “Please insert disk into Removable disk H” (it’s recognized like a removable disk)

I plug it out, plug it in again and try formating it. I get to the format window, click on format and half a second later I get a message “Windows was unable to complete the format”

I go to this forum, try all the “put on Hold, press the middle button while plugging in” advice and nothing happens. The player is still not recognized, I cannot turn it on or access the drive.

Again, I did not get it wet, experiment with putting files on it or anything. It simply stopped working.

So please, if somebody could give me an answer, (which isn’t “have it replaced”, because I’ll do that eventually) I would be very grateful


Try holding the power switch in the ON position for 10 seconds to reset the device, then power up as usual.

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thanks for the advice, but it didn’t help. The player simply doesn’t react.

oh yeah, and even when I plug the player into the computer and it’s detected the way I mentioned, the player itself never lights up

If the player is recognized, it sounds like the display or something more ominous may have failed.  I’d call SanDisk for a replacement.  Once they get your information, a new device will be on its way!

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Thanks for the advice, I guess the only thing left is to have it replaced.

I really do like the Clip, but this experience was quite a downer.

With the increasing complexity of electronic devices, you can have one go through QC just fine, only to fail out in the field.  All you need do is exchange it for a new one.

Most retailers have a simple return policy, usually 30 days or so.  Beyond that, call 1-866-SANDISK and explain your situation, for a device under the 1 year warranty period.

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