Sansa Clip+ won't turn on

I need to know how to get a replacement for my Sansa clip.  It was purchased through Amazon  on 2.19.14.  

It won’t turn on when not connected to the computer.  It stays completely dead.  It will turn on when connected, and it is recognized by the computer.  I am able to transfer files when it is connected to the computer.  As far as I know It has not been dropped or damaged.

Things I have tried.

I have tried to reset the player multiple times.

I have tried reformatting the player  

I have plugged it into the charger and left it for over 2 days.

I have plugged it into the computer and left it .

Still as soon as I disconnect with the computer it goes completely dark.


Thanks for the links!

Mine would not turn on.  Charged it for a couple of hours, no indication of charging,  Held power button down for 60 secs to reset.  Nothing appeared to happen.  Then pressed power button normally, and it turned on.

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The 1-minute hold procedure worked for me! I never would have tried it, as it looks just like it isn’t doing anything at all. But 30 seconds later, I found that it had turned a very small brick back into a working player. Thousand thanks!

I just bought my San Disk Clip Sport, just took it out of the package, just plugged it in for the first time and nothing.  It does not turn on.  I called Best Buy they wont do a return because I exceeded the 15 day return policy.  I looked on Youtube and tried all of the ideas, I tried the ideas here.  Nothing is working.  I have it plugged in to charge, the screen does not turn on, there is no indication that it is charging.  I will leave it on and see if the ideas here work in a few hours. 

Try connecting your Clip Sport to a powered USB port on your computer. Or connect it to a 1.0 amp USB charging block.

       ->Use the micro USB cable that came with your player.

Then press down on the large oval shaped button below the display screen for at least 20 secs.

After the player starts up, allow it to charge for at least 3 hrs.

You may want to review all the helpful information about your player in the Clip Sport section of this SanDisk user forum.