Cannot start or format

I bought a sansa clip several months before. But I just use it at most 5 hours a week. Now I cannot turn the power on. Even I hold the power button for 1min, there is no sign that it can start. I use the usb cable to connect with my computer. And my operation system always remind me to format it. When I click the format button, the operation system tells me it cannot be formated. 

Can you give me some idea how to fix it? Thank you.

There is a possible corrupted file in your player that makes the device malfunction, I would like to suggest to do a force MSC;

Put the player on hold by toggling the on/off switch downward to put it on hold, then press the center button while connecting it to your computer, when it is connected try to format it again and if same thing happen we can try to format it on a different computer and if same thing happen you can call SanDisk hotline to have it replaced. :wink:

I forgot to mention formatting will delete everything on your device. :wink:

I’m not sure, but here is a few other things you might try as well.

1)  Try a forced reset .    Hold the power switch on the upmost ON position for 15 seconds.   Release the ON switch,   Then try turning it on as normal.     After this do you get any signs of life?   if you get no display, or other indications of life.   leave it plugged into a power source, to charge the battery.   Try an external ac power adapter, or a rear side USB connection, or Try a second computer…  Make sure the battery on the CLIP has been able to charge before trying again.

2)  If there was signs of life.  I’d recommend formatting with the CLIP’s settings menu.   Then try connecting to your computer, or a secondary computer to reload your music.

3)  If you get no signs of life… it could be the battery is internally disconnected (common issue :S)…  or some other issue.

4)  If u can’t get success with previous steps.    You may want to try  HP’s USB formatter, (There maybe other usb flash drive formatters that will work too).   Try Formatting with an alternative formatting program on the PC…  Format it as FAT32.   If this works, and it starts.   Reformat the CLIP with its own internal format option.

if the clip doesn’t show signs of life after a charge, and a forced reset (step 1)…    and you think the battery could be disconnected.  You could read up on it on the forum.   Consider returning it to Sansa for replacement.    RMA it.   Or …    For more technical skilled persons you could open the clip and resolder the battery contact  (Not for the weak at heart…).

be sure to try the above MSC option as welll.

Good Luck.

I’ve tried the format with HP USB formatter, nothing seems to work though as the clip is “write protected”